Acteryon is an innovative biotechnology company dedicated to the research and development of new technologies and products based on bacteriophages. Our business strategy is based on developing new therapeutics in early phases of R&D with a view to then enter into collaboration deals for pre-clinical and/or clinical development. All this is embedded in a seasoned team of professionals with extensive clinical development experience.

Our strategic goal is to become a global leader in novel natural product development, platform provision and manufacturing in the GMP standard for industrial and pharmaceutical application. We embrace a policy of open access and knowledge exchange. We mean to become an active member of the phage community and promote biotechnological discoveries and applications.


Our Offer

Acteryon is a one-stop-shop in phage therapeutics and other phage technologies. We have the requisite expertise and state-of-the-art facilities to provide the full range of services needed to develop a product from idea through phage hunt to production of cGMP batches for clinical trials. This makes Acteryon the natural choice for R&D companies, research departments of large pharmaceutical companies or medical startups seeking a contractor or partner in the area of bacteriophages technology.

Our capabilities span conceptual support in the formulation of new products to manufacturing. Our services include searching and evaluating start materials, in-house formulation development, optimization of production batches, upscaling, production, purification, testing and release of the final product.

We offer our services to research centers, universities, pharmaceutical companies and startups interested in formulation development and/or manufacturing. Our services include contractual manufacturing of entrusted materials as well as materials from Acteryon’s own deposit collection.

Our technological services include isolation and pre-selection of bacteriophages, their characterization, formulation of bacteriophage cocktail ingredients, optimization of production and purification (laboratory scale) as well as preformulation tests. For semi-technological and technological scale manufacturing, we offer optimization of production (upscaling) and purification processes (semi-technical scale), technology transfer, cataloguing and depositing of the phage, development and validation of analytical methods. We guarantee procedure and process compliance with the requirements of GLP and GMP standards in all our work.

If you need any phage product developed, please contact us for further information.

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ACTERYON Sp. z o.o.
Al. Zwyciestwa 96/98, Budynek 1D/255
81-451 Gdynia, POLAND


EU Projects

National Center for Research and Development, Intelligent Development Operational Program 2014-2020, Priority axis: Support for conducting R&D works by enterprises, Measure 1.1: R&D projects for enterprises, Sub-measure 1.1.1: Industrial research and development works carried out by enterprises.

The project involves research in the area of biological and hygienic safety, the formulation of improved products and industrial implementation with application in human therapeutics and food safety. The goal is to develop and implement an antibacterial substrate that can be used in disinfection areas as a new product or a functional additive for currently used preparations. With this project, we aim to contribute to the elimination of multidrug resistant bacteria from public areas where their presence is a direct threat to patients (hospitals, clinics, healthcare centers) and consumers (food production and processing facilities).


Novel antibacterial protection products for use in human therapeutics and food production.

Project start date:


Planned end date:


Total value:

EUR 1.053,478,86

Grant value:

EUR 766.811,08

Ministry of Investment and Development, Priority axis: Support for the environment and the potential of entrepreneurs to conduct R&D activities I Measure 2.1 Support for investments in R&D infrastructure

The project involves the establishment and subsequent running of a state-of-the-art Research and Development Center complete with manufacturing suites built to GMP and GLP standards to provide the full range of services in the area of bacteriophage biotechnology from research and concept definition, through new product development, formulation, analytics, quality control, pre-clinical research, clinical testing, optimization to product manufacturing. The R&D Center will provide the necessary infrastructure for the development of innovative phage-related products and services for medical and non-medical applications. In addition to own product development, the Center will undertake contract manufacturing, providing the full set of attendant services from concept to product.


The Acteryon R&D Center: a one-stop-shop for own and contract research services and production in the area of bacteriophage biotechnology.

Project start date:


Planned end date:


Total value:

EUR 7.163.036,25

Project co-financing amount:

EUR 3.183.099,97

The Acteryon
Research and Development Center

Work on the establishment of the Acteryon Research and Development Center began in April 2018.

The R&D unit will house departments responsible for phage hunt and characterization, lab testing of phage biological activities, new product development, product formulation to specific therapeutic or preventive indication and production optimization. Manufacturing facilities will be located next to the lab suits to enable production to GMP and GLP standard.

We are currently building a large phage collection at Acteryon – a key resource for future platforms and projects.

The Acteryon R&D Center is headquartered in the Maszynowa Industrial and Technological Park near Gdańsk with easy access to the national transport infrastructure and international airport.

Our team brings together extensive R&D experience and a proven track record for business excellence. It has strong competence in the area of research planning and management as well as substantial experience in commercialization, technology transfer and intellectual property management.

Our Team

Marcin Łoś

Chairman of the Board, & Co-Founder

Marcin is Associate Professor at the University of Gdańsk with a specialization in molecular biology, focusing on the detection and minimization of bacterial culture contaminations. He is the author of biotechnological production technologies, owner and co-owner of many patent applications in the area of viruses and bacteriophages identification, international advisor in the field of combating and preventing phage contamination in biotechnological processes and in the development of phage-based technologies.

Krzysztof Lemke

Chief Development Officer

Krzysztof holds a doctoral degree in medicinal chemistry and specializes in industrial biochemistry, biomaterials and nanomaterials for medical applications. He is the author of biotechnological functional compositions (immunomodulatory and antibacterial formulations), owner and co-owner of many patent applications in the area of active substances and product formulations as well as an expert in implementation of biotechnology technologies for industrial applications.

Sylwia Zielińska

Principal Scientist

Sylwia holds a doctoral degree in molecular biology. She specializes in bacteriophage research, metagenomics and environmental microbiology.

Klaudia Milewska

Principal Scientist

Klaudia holds a doctoral degree in bacteriology. She is a specialist in bacterial adaptability and an expert in the field of safety and environmental variability for biotechnological production, scale-up and optimization of bacteriophage production and purification processes.

Our team of scientists is supported by a dedicated management team, technical staff, legal advisors, patent specialists, technology brokers and R&D grant experts.

Contact Us:

ACTERYON Sp. z o.o.
Al. Zwyciestwa 96/98
Budynek 1D/255
81-451 Gdynia